Happy New Year!  I hope it indeed is a happy one for you. I’d say mine is starting out on a good note, what with this little journey about Scout and I being featured in the January issue of Minnesota Parent magazine! Thank you, editor Kathleen, for the amazing shout-out!!  I only hope a parent looking for an answer, a shoulder, or a shared victory will be happy they stumbled upon us.

Scout, on the other hand, would probably tell you that his year hasn’t started out so grand.  Not because anything major has happened, mind you, simply because with the beginning of the new year came the end of winter break and that means… going back to school.

Ahh, school.  No more waking up to his best friend iPod, playing games together off and on (probably way too much ‘on’!) all day.  No more computer games on school days, and no more TV during the week either. I don’t think any child relishes the thought of having their freedom taken away once again to get up early every morning and go hit the books.  But Scout looks at this schedule as torture, the poor guy.  You’d think being an Aspie he would thrive from the schedule of a school day, but no.  He’d MUCH rather do as he pleases and tune out the real world.  Now of course that is very Aspie.

Speaking of his beloved TV, I have to mention that he’s been totally into a show called ‘Shaun the Sheep‘ lately–a british claymation comedy made by the same people who did the movie ‘Chicken Run‘ and ‘Wallace and Gromit.’  I find this really interesting as back when Scout was doing OT at Therapy for Me, one of the things they would do is watch ‘Wallace and Gromit’ with his group.  They chose this because the way you understand what’s going on in this show is by watching the actions and reactions of the characters.  There is no dialogue.  You must pay attention to their facial expressions to figure out how they are feeling, which is something many kids on the spectrum have trouble doing. So the fact that Scout stumbled upon Shaun the Sheep and is so captivated by it really fits–and makes me very happy. He obviously DOES get all of the facial expressions and emotions implied.  Lucky for me, like the other Aardman shows, an adult can enjoy this just as much as the kids–they’re great! Highly recommended for some good shared laughter–and we could all use some more of that!

Laughter is a GREAT way to start out the new year…school or no school.