Ooooh boy.  The Temptations are starting to spread in ways that could eventually get much worse results for Scout than a sore tongue.  Yesterday I come home from work to find out about an incident at school in which some kid stuck a pencil in his butt.  No, it was not Scout, but I guess he and his friend made a big deal out of it somehow and caused quite a distraction in the classroom, prompting the teacher to have them write out an apology of sorts.

It wasn’t the distraction that I’m worried about–I mean really, who wouldn’t laugh at a kid with a pencil in his butt?!–but it was the ‘apology’ that was anything but.  (or, butt??  Sorry, couldn’t resist.)  It was rife with sarcasm and the only heartfelt part about it was the fact that Scout vehemently did NOT want to admit he did anything wrong.  As usual, everyone else is wrong, and he is right.  This is his immediate response to anything that happens where he knows, deep down inside, that he is in the wrong.  He just can’t even admit it to himself and instead lashes out at everyone else.

This really worries me.  As I always think, how in the world will he keep a job someday if constructive criticism causes him to react like that??  Well, he won’t.  And there I go again, worrying about something years down the road…but it’s so hard not to.  To me, this is just another Temptation.

I mean, as any of you dear readers know, Scout is a very smart kid.  He knows right from wrong.  So why would he do this when he knows it is disrespectful and will get him into trouble?  Because he just can’t resist.  He feels he has no control over it.  This could potentially get him into so much trouble not only with others, but himself.  Very scary for a parent!!!

Next week we are taking him to a new psychologist to give him someone to talk to, someone who might be a better fit than the last.  It’s not something we want to mess around with.  Maybe it’s getting worse now because at almost-11 his adolescent hormones are starting to rage??   Better try to nip that in the bud now!!

Sigh, it never ends.  Just when you think things are going well, something else pops up to deal with.  But looking at it from the more positive side, these things coming up are giving us the opportunity to get help for Scout now, before things get worse.  I do believe things happen for a reason–who knew a boy sticking a pencil in his rear would create such an opportunity??!