You know how in Lord of the Rings, the whole craziness with the One Ring started because the King of a King of a King didn’t just get rid of the darn thing when he had the chance? The King’s name was Isildur, and the Ring was titled ‘Isildur’s Bane’ because of his doomed choice.  We may not have the One Ring in this house, but we do have Scout’s iPod.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPod.  I have an iTouch and it is my lifeline, no doubt.  Where would I be without my music, my calendar, my Word Warp game??  The difference between my iTouch and Scout’s is that I can put it down and walk away when need be, without a complaint.  At this point, I’m about ready to toss Scout’s iPod right out the window.

Scout has always been obsessed with anything electronic.  TV, computer, computer games.  Which of course is quite normal in this day and age, Aspie or not– I dare to say we are all addicted in some form or another.  Last Christmas all he wanted was a Nintendo DS –a handheld computer game that you can take anywhere and everywhere.  We had already made our rule of ‘no electronics during the week’ throughout the school year because we figured it would result in less distraction from the things that are truly important to do…you know, homework, after-school activities, dinner with your family…  Those things were all getting rushed through just to get to the beloved electronic of choice. Then when it was time to turn off said electronic, we had more whine than Orson Welles. (we will sell no wine before it’s time.)  So the idea of Scout having an electronic device that COULD go anywhere and everywhere with him didn’t strike me as such a grand idea.