It is done.  Scout is officially out of elementary and on his way to middle school.  On the last day C-man and I attended his ‘graduation’.  Wow, talk about a production!  I think on my last day at Roosevelt Elementary school back in the day (this is when I talk about the miles and miles I had to walk to to get there…and actually, that is kind of true…!)  the bell rang and we ran out of there.  Period.  This was a 2 hour long extravaganza complete with slideshow, speeches and a ribbon-cutting ceremony to present the outdoor benches our class apparently donated to the school.

Along with expecting this to be a quick little ceremony where the kids maybe sang a song and that was that, I thought for sure I would be throwing my proverbial cap (or fedora, more like it) into the air screaming a loud ‘Wa-of-the-hoo’ at the idea of getting out of that uncomfortable social soup of carnivals, science fairs and other various celebrations.  As mentioned in previous posts, it was pretty much torture for me to be a part of.  I knew it would be a bit sad to witness a milestone in Scout’s life, but I was fully unprepared to find myself having to hold back from uncontrollable sobs from the moment I sat down in the gym.

What really did it was the Irish Blessing Song that the 5th grade teachers sang to the kids.  Water works!  I looked around and saw that, although misty-eyed, not many people seemed to be struggling like I was.  As I mentioned, it was a total surprise even to me–I’m the girl who fully expected to be a puddle on my wedding day and for whatever reason, I didn’t shed a tear.

I think part of it was not only the sentimentality of watching my child grow up before my very eyes, but feeling all of the emotions of every elementary year–every mistake, every victory, every struggle–and realizing that, Wow.  We made it.  He made it.  He started this new school in 1st grade, he struggled with math, he sat in the corner at the Halloween party, he ‘twinkled’ awkwardly at the Carnival, he did the Science Fairs, he came in second and then won the Geography Bees, he was bored with the gifted reading program, he was made fun of for dancing all by himself outside at a party, he was celebrated for dancing in front of the class in the music room, he had to meet with the principal, he went on field trips, he did the announcements, he got made fun of and got in his own trouble on the bus, he made friends (he made friends!) , he won the hearts of adults that worked with him so that they shed tears when it was his time to go….all of these things, Scout did.  Like any ‘typical’ kid, he did.  And now he is moving on to the next stage.

Momma Bear ain’t done yet.