Oh dear.  I should be getting ready for work right now but before I do I just have to vent to you a bit, my dear readers.  Scout came upstairs with his iPod and portable speaker device and put them in his backpack.  This is to bring to music class, to perform a dance that he’s learned from the Wii game ‘Just Dance’ to his favorite song by the obscure group Junior Senior called ‘Move Your Feet’.

In other words, he’s off to commit Social Suicide.

I remember the last time he broke out into a Just Dance dance.  I posted about that too–it was at a school function and I painfully watched from afar as boys made fun of him and he was oblivious.  Hey, at least this time I don’t have to watch, right?

Recently Scout announced that he was going to do this.  Apparently another boy did…his dance was to “I’m Sexy and I Know it”, by LMFAO.  I guess it could be worse.

Last night C-man and I decided we should probably warn Scout about the possible consequences.  Once again, it’s that tough balance between being so happy that your child wants to do something they are proud of and don’t care what anyone thinks, and worrying about their well-being in this world of bullying.  We tried to explain in the most supportive way, just this.  The fact of the matter is, if Scout performs this dance, there will be many kids making fun of him.  We laid it on the line–and still Scout shrugged and said he didn’t care.

He saw my face this morning as he shoved his musical gear into his backpack.  “Don’t worry, Mom!”  he said to me.  I can’t help it.  All day it will worry me.  At least I guess I should be happy that he was able to read the look on my face, something many Aspies have a hard time doing.

Oh how I love that he doesn’t care what people think, oh how I wish I could be like that.  It’s a wonderful trait that he, as an Aspie, has. (maybe not all Aspies do, but I have a feeling if he didn’t have Asperger’s Syndrome he would be more aware of the social ramifications!)

Oh, how I wish the world was a friendlier place and kids let kids express themselves without ridicule.

I’ll be anxious all day to hear how it went.  Of course from Scout’s perspective, it will be great.  Everyone will love the music and his dance will be perfect.  Because he’s only in his own perspective.