Well, after weeks of NOT studying for the school Geography Bee, Scout has WON.  Yes indeed, he is the Geography Bee Champion!!!  C-man and I were just shocked, as I mentioned he hadn’t really been preparing for it ahead of time.  Amazing!

Of course I am beyond proud of him.  The suspense of the whole thing as the kids get eliminated one by one just about kills me.  It started out with ten kids and eventually got down to two, Scout and a girl.  Some of the questions the kids got two answers to choose from, some not, some they wrote down the answer.  It’s all very official.  I honestly could have only answered a few of those questions that were asked, it’s unbelievable how these little kids just rattle off the answers.

And of course Scout was his complete Ham Self the entire time–dramatically putting his head down on the table if he missed an answer, clapping or fist-pumping when he was correct, even eagerly shouting out an answer before the end of the question was even read. (show-off!!)  The boy needs to reign it in–he’d better go out for theater!–but of course it was adorable and fun to see him so into it, even though he had been rubbing his eyes and saying how tired he was!

Probably the MOST proud I was was when he first realized he won, when he turned to his opponent and congratulated her.  All on his own, no prompting.  And when all of the kids gathered together for their group yearbook photo, they all congratulated Sullivan with words and high fives.  Oh, to see my son part of the group, happy and accepted–heck, LOOKED UP TO by his peers.  It was a shining moment.

He received a certificate and a medal which he wore proudly.  As we walked the halls and he told his beloved teacher and adults at the school who work with him in one way or another he was in the clouds, everyone was so proud of him.  He showed us the plaque where his name will be engraved along with the other previous winners, and was off to do the morning announcements.

This was His Moment.  He will never score a touchdown or the winning basket, but he is one smart cookie.  And I am SO proud of that. And the fact that it all just comes naturally to him is amazing to me.

So now, Scout will take a written test to see if he qualifies to enter the State Wide Spelling Bee.  If he wins that he would be onto the National one!  Honestly though, I don’t care if he goes any further.  He is ALWAYS a winner in my book!

Best part of all… I got to be there!  Last year I was so sad, as I had to work and miss out on the event.  It meant to the world to me to be there.  (no pun intended.)