Over the years Scout has come out with the funniest–and often most profound–things at any given moment.  I thought it would be fun to share some of these gems with you…

“You can talk to the green light, but the red light never listens.”

“Life is just sitting in the front seat…”

“I didn’t know being a child would be so difficult.”

“This is man’s work!”

“Why do men give women roses when they have thorns on them??”

“Is it the bloody nipple of a Wiccan?”

“Mama!  That looks like Uranus!”

“It wasn’t that kind of excuse me!”

“I wonder if a fruit snack can get a paper cut?”

“I really just want to live for my imagination…”

“Mom, I can hear the ocean in your armpit!”

“My life is kind of boring.  No tornadoes, hurricanes, that sort of thing.”

“I think monkeys are like time bombs.  They are all ‘ooh ooh, ahh ahh’, swinging in the trees, and then one day they rip your face off.”

After mentioning to Scout that I needed bread crumbs: “Why don’t you just shake out the toaster?”


4 Responses to “Scoutisms”

  1. Those fireworks will make Vivian feel fancy!

    1. Susie Says:

      Oh, I TOTALLY need to add that one! 🙂 That was so darn cute.

  2. Ruby Leigh Says:

    This reminds me of something I told my mom when I was young… “When I grow up I want to be the person that comes up with ideas”

    1. Love it, Ruby! 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting!

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