Guess what I just ate? A jelly donut, my friends, a jelly donut. (funny…I hit a wrong key and started typing ‘helly’ donut instead…indeed!)  Tomorrow is the official ‘done’ day of the Elimination Diet, but since I’ve already cheated quite a bit outside of the home, I’m celebrating a bit early by eating this one thing I have been craving since the beginning.  As I type I’m hearing the lovely and oh-so-missed sound of my coffee maker percolating.  ahhhh!  It’s good to be back!  Granted, Scout will have to re-introduce things more slowly than I have been….no helly donuts for him.  (hello gluten, sugar, and who the heck knows what other horrible things are there all packed into one devilish blob?!) We have our meeting with the doc on Wednesday to talk about how we’ll go about all of that.

This post however, is not about the diet.  I’d rather talk about fireflies.  Did you ever catch them as a kid? Growing up in Iowa City, Iowa, we spent many a night gathering as many lightening bugs as we could and putting them in a jar.  As I lived in other houses here in Minneapolis, however, I never did catch sight of any of the precious butt-lighting bugs–and that made me sad.  A firefly is quite a magical thing!

The other night however, my daughter V was letting the dog out and she exclaimed, “Mom!  Look at all of the fireflies!”  Sure enough, they were lighting up the back yard like a Christmas tree.  I quickly rounded up a mason jar, (don’t ask me where I got that, it’s not like I can or anything!)  poked holes into it and gave it to Scout who ran out and had captured one in minutes.  Unlike his mom, he didn’t need to grab as many as he could.  Just one was all he needed.  He proceeded to take it into his room and fall asleep with his little friend on the shelf by his bedside.  I have to admit I sneaked into his room after he was fast asleep and let it go…I couldn’t stand the thought of it all alone in a jar the entire night.  Surprisingly enough, Scout was not too upset the next day when I explained it was nicer to the firefly to set it free. (of course he immediately blamed his sister.)  Now we know he can go out and catch more at any time. His childhood is now complete.

Catching a firefly also brings to mind the ‘Owl City‘ song titled–what else–‘Fireflies’.  If you’ve turned on the radio you have heard this song.  The band really consists of one guy, his name is Adam Young.  He’s actually a homegrown Minnesota boy.  I had heard ‘Fireflies’ on something or other and just had a feeling Scout would like Owl City’s music.  Sure enough, we watched the video on You Tube and he was hooked.  I downloaded the entire album for him and he sleeps to it just about every night.  It’s very soothing, happy, poppy music.  It seems people either love it or it makes them want to pull out their teeth.  I for one–thankfully, for as much as it’s played around here–am one of the first group.

I think part of me loves the music because something tells me Adam Young is an Aspie.  I’m not trying to start a rumor here, and I have no proof of this.  But I watched his video and that was the first thing that came to mind.  He’s sitting in a basement (where he really does live still, I believe, with his parents) playing an electric keyboard as electronic toys of all sorts come to life around him.  He never once looks into the camera.  More and more toys light up and start moving, until the very end where they all die out.  The toys, the no eye contact (even with a camera) the lyrics to his songs, the living with the parents…call it a gut feeling.  Adam Young sings about loneliness, insomnia, feeling like an outsider.  Are these not Aspie traits??  He also sings about very random things, which is Asperger to a tee.  Does anyone else agree with me on this one?

I love it that my son enjoys music so much. Both he and V have such eclectic tastes.  Heck, any one of us will be listening to Owl City one minute and Korn the next.  Nothing tugs at my heart like when I’ll hear Scout singing “Green Finch and Linnet Bird’ from the musical Sweeney Todd.  At one point he had a crush on one of the two girls from the Japanese pop group “Puffi AmiYumi”.  This is an obscure band he discovered from watching Scooby Doo–one of their songs was playing during the ‘chasing montage’ that happens in every episode.  I ended up buying the CD for him, and now he’ll go around singing in Japanese.  Gotta love that.

Thank goodness for music!!!  And jelly donuts.