Hello, hello!  Whew, life has been busy lately.  Lately?  OK, it is all the time, of course.  But it seems like this past month has been especially busy.

Good grief, did I ever even share that Scout won the Geography Bee competition at his school this year?  Well he did, and just last week we were at the state competition.  All I can say is, Wow. In my opinion, any one of those kids had a shot at winning the thing.  Scout did not win, but he did very well.  It was an interesting process…there were over 100 kids there competing, and they first broke them up into smaller groups and had the kids in the groups go against each other.  A weeding out process, if you will.  Scout only missed one question out of eight, and this was against 20 other kids from grades 4th through 8th.  With this almost-perfect score, he qualified to go off into another mysterious room–parents were not allowed in this one!–to have this group battle against each other.  Sadly, Scout came out about 10 minutes later, already done for the day.  He didn’t even get to participate in the questioning, as there were so many kids who already had perfect scores and they could only get down to 10 for the final.  He was a bit disappointed, but overall he was proud of his accomplishment and it seemed he enjoyed the experience.  I know I did, wow.  Again.  Never did I think Geography would be so interesting.  Watching those kids rattle off those facts is nothing short of amazing to me.  Who knows what Scout will do with all of that valuable information in his head?  We shall see….

Scout has recently turned 11.  I know any birthday is a milestone, but for some reason 11 isn’t freaking me out as much as 12 probably will.  It is strange to think my baby is now a ‘Tween’, however.  I will say his recent behavior definitely has shades of ‘tween’ written all over it.  The talking back, the defiance…yikes.  It’s a whole new side of Scout we haven’t seen before, and it’s not exactly pretty.  I mean, what happened to the boy who followed rules so closely he would only call ice build-ups ‘Ice Darns’??  Honestly I find it downright scary at times.  Will the boy ever understand circumstance?  Will he ever really fear the outcome of his actions?  My ‘perfect’ rule-following child has now become the one who sometimes gets notes from the teacher or school bus driver.  It’s hard to know if it’s the horrifying teen hormone thing rearing it’s ugly head, or if it’s just Scout’s way of dealing/not dealing with things through this lovely thing we call Asperger’s.  Which brings me to my next topic…

Scout’s ‘temptations’ were starting to get a bit scary again and so once again we started looking into someone else he could go talk to.  In doing some research and  knowing the man works with Asperger’s kids in both a social group setting and individually, I contacted John Merges, a social worker in the area.  In our parent meetings with him he shared  his views and ideas of kids on the spectrum and it sure made sense to me.  How these kids are most often about 2 years behind developmentally than ‘typical’ kids. (sometimes physically, often emotionally.)  How the goal is to get them to continue to climb the ‘graph’ with their development verses getting stagnant, which can often happen as these kids reach middle school age and the challenges that go along with it.  Scout also had a couple of sessions just hanging out and playing with ‘Mr. M.’, which he enjoyed very much.  This helps John learn a lot about the kids he sees, just watching the way they deal with and react to things.

In his observations John noticed Scout had some tics.  When I think about it, I guess he does kind of do a crazy mouth thing and crack his knuckles a lot.  I guess I am so used to them I haven’t really thought of them as tics.  He also picked up on some possible OCD behavior, which actually wouldn’t surprise me at all if that were the case.  Both of these things had John wanting us to look into seeing a Behavioral Pediatrician, to see if we’re actually dealing with some kind of neurological thing. The tics of course could be a side effect of his meds…we took it upon ourselves to going back to half of a pill instead of giving him a whole one, to see if there is any difference.  In typing that sentence I just realized that I haven’t really made a point to notice–I need to do that!  Thanks for reminding me…what would I do without you dear readers?! 🙂

So…oh yay.  Taking Scout to yet another doctor.  We get to fill out MORE FORMS and start this whole process again.  Just when I think we may get to glide along peacefully for a while, Life waves it’s finger at me and goes, ‘ah, ah, ah’ … you aren’t even close to being finished’.  sigh.  I guess the upside to a Behavioral Pediatrician is that maybe he’ll have some good ideas as to how we can better deal with Scout’s increasing defiance.  We parents could use all the help we can get!

So that’s life in Borneo-land right now!  Thanks for visiting! 🙂