I’m sure most of you remember the scene from A Christmas Story where Flick gets dared to stick his tongue on the frigid pole in the schoolyard. It’s a classic.  Eeeeu, you think.  I’ll never try that. You think that because you are not a 10 year old boy.  And if you DID try it and proved to yourself that, yes, the tongue really does painfully stick to the pole just like in the movie, you most likely would never do it again.  You think that because you are not my 10 year old boy who has what he calls ‘Temptations’.

A couple of years ago he did this at his bus stop.  The house up the street where he waits has a pole right in their yard–apparently a very tempting pole to stick one’s tongue to.  The first time he did this I chalked it up to a boy just being a boy….or even a curious person just being curious.  Who wouldn’t want to know if something like that really worked?  (in fact, I guess I’ve gotta hand it to him– I would have been way too chicken as a kid to even try it!)  The incident happened when he got off his bus–he was a couple of minutes late and came home crying with blood running from his mouth.  I admit that I tried not to laugh as I consoled him and figured he definitely learned his lesson.

So then just the other day he shows me marks on his tongue and says he did it again–bragging, in a way–and that he had one of the girls run across the street to get a cup of warm water to pour on there so he could get it off…this time he knew what to do.  But this was before school, I would have been SO angry if he would have made himself and the girl miss the bus!!!  He was a bit confused that he got no sympathy from me about the whole business.  Good grief.

Ahhh, the Temptations. I kind of thought the meds he’s been on had nipped those in the bud, for the most part.  Indeed he hasn’t been obsessive about doing things he knows would be unpleasant like he was pre-meds.  But this incident really irritated me–this time not only did it involve him, but someone else as well.  And it scares me–it’s sticking his tongue on a pole now, but what will it be later??  Let’s hope this time he really has satisfied his curiosity about that whole thing.  And all this without even a ‘double dog dare’.