Poor Scout has inherited my eyes.  I believe it was also the 4th grade for me that I got my first pair of glasses.  I couldn’t wait to get them…I thought it would be sooo cool.  I picked out these octagonal shaped brown tortoise shell frames, they were totally Groovy Man. (yes, I am dating myself wildly right now…!)  I loved them…until I got them.  And had to wear them.  One of the best days of my life was getting my beloved contact lenses in the 6th grade.

Like me, Scout only needs his glasses for seeing the blackboard…ahem, I mean SMARTboard.  (!)  Or watching TV, that kind of thing.  Unlike me, Scout NEVER wanted the glasses.  He fought the whole thing from the minute he found out his vision screening was a little funky at the eye doctor.  We held him off until this fall, but then it was inevitable.  He had to be a four-eyes.  At least occasionally.

The funny thing is, I don’t think it’s because he thinks he looks funny in them–which would probably be most kids’ fear.  He honestly looks quite handsome and (gulp) grown up in them, they are truly cool frames. (hopefully in 30 years he’ll still think they were cool, unlike my brown stop-sign shaped ones)  I think for him it’s just one more ‘chore’, one more thing to remember to do, an apparatus that takes an extra millisecond from his life to take out of the case, put on, and then take off again.  There are much more important things to do, like playing a game on his iPod or watching TV.  Nevermind that he can actually see these things BETTER with the glasses.

Luckily he’s calmed down about the whole thing and doesn’t complain much anymore.  Of course I told his teacher what I expected him to be doing with them and she hasn’t mentioned that he isn’t wearing them.  Just another little road block we need to get around in the craziness that is Scout’s life.