You’ve gotta love a kid who really wants to follow The Rules, especially when it comes to using foul language.

We’re pretty strict around here when it comes to the use of off-color words, which honestly makes me laugh when I think about my old rock-n-roll days where the ‘F-word’ was part of my daily vocabulary.  My dead fellow rockers (RIP) would definitely be rolling in their graves if they could hear me now, clean as a whistle. (well….most of the time.  Let’s face it, sometimes nothing punctuates a statement like a good swear. I am the Metal Mommy after all..!)

Yes, clean we are–only lately is my 14 year old allowed to say ‘fart’ instead of ‘toot’.  ‘Oh my God’ is not permitted–whether or not it’s out of reverence I’m still deciding, but to me it just doesn’t sound proper coming out of  young child’s mouth.

The funny thing is I am pretty lenient when it comes to listening to music.  For some reason, the arts indeed have ‘artistic freedom’ to me, and if someone swears in a song, so be it.  I do try to download the ‘clean versions’ of a song whenever I can, but apparently ‘damn’ and ‘ass’ aren’t bad words anymore. (!)  Sometimes, tho, a clean version is not to be found and the good beat or catchy riff of a song trumps the inappropriateness of a Swear.  I’m sure many of you would disagree and be completely appalled at the fact that my son loves the song “Bottoms Up” by Trey Songz, but, there it is.  I do draw the line at letting either of my kids have these songs permanently on their iPods.

What’s interesting, too, is Scout is really quite oblivious to the words, even when to me they are plain as the nose on Pinocchio’s face.  I’ll cringe at a part in a song that is colorful and he’ll say, “I don’t hear anything…” Now with typical kids you may think they are just saying that to get away with something illicit, but I really don’t think so with Scout.  This is the kid who calls the hanging icicles off of our roof ‘ice darns’.  I’ve literally heard him say the word ‘beep’ in place of something that could be much worse in an exclamation.  “I can’t get past these beep level on this game!”  hilarious.

I know this innocence won’t last forever, but it is darn (or, damn?!) precious.  I never want my kids, no matter how old they are, to sound crass–but part of me will give myself a little knuckle punch when I hear the first real bad word come out of his mouth.  After all, sometimes rules need to be broken!