Here is one of those Bad Mom confessions–I hate getting Scout breakfast in the morning.

Now don’t get me wrong, like most mothers (I’m guessing) I love seeing my children eat a good meal. Knowing they are getting something nutritious in them and that it is making them feel good and happy is total and complete satisfaction.  In providing them that meal, we are indeed fulfilling the fundamental promise of keeping them alive and healthy.

But then there are the times that your kid doesn’t want to eat anything you have available.  Or what they do want to eat isn’t something that gives you that satisfied Mommy feeling.

Even though Scout can be pretty picky about what he eats–he’s the only kid I know who won’t eat melted cheese on anything (except pizza)–he really does like a variety of foods one would never think a 9 year old would eat. (see the Lima Beans and Liverwurst post !) Thankfully he’ll eat broccoli and spinach, asparagus and cauliflower.  He’ll try new things, especially if they seem exotic–he loves sushi!  It’s ironic that breakfast is the toughest meal for me to get him to eat things.

He doesn’t like cereal.  He doesn’t like eggs.  He loves Eggo waffles but I’ve been trying to stay away from those.  He’s very ‘meh’ about oatmeal, it’s rare that he’ll want it. He enjoys french toast, but doesn’t want that every morning. He would be very happy to eat an entire loaf of Udi’s bread toasted every morning, but I draw the line at two pieces.  But then what?  A growing boy needs more than 2 pieces of bread to keep him going in the morning.  And apparently so, as without fail I hear “I’m still hungry!” after they are eaten.

And that’s what he does.  “I’m still hungry!”  As if I can read his mind and tell him what he wants.  Mommies have many special powers, but this is not one of them.  As if I can magically conjure up something we have that we didn’t already go over ad nauseaum before he settled, once again, on the two pieces of toast.  Typically we then resort to luncheon meat like salami or turkey.  Often I hesitate with the fruit because he gets one in his lunch and then one for a snack, as his school only allows a fruit or veggie for a snack. (he does love his veggies, but typically they are all steamed.)

In desperation I asked for breakfast ideas on my local Moms Like Me site. There were some good ones, like baked goods (which I do make)–but again, like toast, those don’t really stick.  Someone mentioned sausage or bacon.  Ah ha!  The already-cooked sausage is easy to reheat and that’s some good protein.  Again, he was ‘meh’ about it.  And let’s face it, folks.  The idea of frying up bacon every morning doesn’t thrill me.  Besides the mess and the work, I’ll eat it too.  Even though Scout can afford the extra fat, I can not!

And so, I dread getting up in the morning and having to think about breakfast for my boy.   I am so looking forward to the day I don’t have to hear “I’m still hungry!” and Scout will just be clamoring around in the kitchen on his own, getting his own damn toast or whatever he can to fill that hollow leg.  Maybe 9 years old is old enough to fix your own breakfast?  I often wonder…do I tend to wait on him more because of his ‘condition’?  I’ll bet I do.  And that isn’t doing anyone any favors.  Then again….he’s only little once.  sigh.  Maybe I should just get those darn Eggo waffles, let him drown them in Mrs. Butterworth’s and call it a day.  Of course I’m sure he’ll still be hungry after eating them….