Over this past weekend we did our yearly garage sale. Honestly, I don’t know why we do it.  Every year it’s a painful event.  Not just the preparation, the gathering of the junk and the tagging of it all….but the event itself. Don’t get me wrong–throwing a garage sale is right up my alley. I love getting up and just sitting in the cool morning with a cuppa and my hubby, chatting with neighbors and strangers as they come up to peruse our stuff. I like to give people a hard time–tell the manly man he really needs that ‘Mystery Date’ game or tell the people that the leaves that have blown on the table are 1$ each.  It’s just in my chatty nature to enjoy a good sale and play store.

I would love it a lot more, however, if we were successful at it.  Years ago, living in Los Angeles, my girlfriends and I couldn’t get our stuff on the lawn fast enough before it was practically snatched right out of our hands. Believe you me, that was a labor of love…what rocker chick will get herself up at 7:00 AM–merely hours after going to bed–to hawk her wares?  A girl that knows she will make good ching, and we definitely did well. Lately tho, not so good.  I really think the location of this home is just enough off of the beaten path to not get many drive-bys.  And honestly, we’re terrible about advertising. Just too lazy.  So I guess, what do I expect?

And is there anything more annoying than selling something you paid $50 dollars for, having $5 on it and then having someone offer you a $1??  Even though often I just want to sell it, to feel at least a little successful by mere principal, I usually won’t.  I’ll tell them to take a hike. How insulting!  My junk is important!

It’s like this every year, but yet….we still put ourselves through it, every year.  I guess it’s a bit like Frodo and the ring….one never gives up hope, even when the odds are against you.  (okay, maybe it’s not THAT dramatic, but I’ll do anything to correlate something to Lord of the Rings!)

It doesn’t hurt that we have our little advertiser, either.  Scout always makes a little garage sale sign, puts it on the front of his bike and pedals around the neighborhood announcing our sale.  I have to believe that helps a little.  Even if it doesn’t, it’s darn cute.