I am so honored!  My blog pal Fiona from Welcome to the Madhouse nominated me to receive the “Versatile Blogger” Award! 🙂  

With this I am to share seven facts about myself.  Let’s see now….

1.  I used to sing in a heavy metal band in Hollywood, California.

2.  The best celebrity encounter I ever had was with Johnny Depp–the worst was with Gene Simmons.

3.  I am a red belt in Tae Kwon Do. (and if you read my previous post, you already know this! :-))

4.  I’m pretty much obsessed in all things Lord of the Rings.

5.  My husband and I went on our first date in January, we were engaged in April and got married in October.

6.  My hubby and I owned and operated a coffee shop called The Atomic Grind in Missoula, Montana.

7.  I have been stalked by an emu.

There.  Now I need to nominate 7 bloggers to also receive this award.  How do I pick just 7??  Here they are in alphabetical particular order.  They are also not all just about the autism spectrum.  I mean, sheesh, we do need to tear ourselves away from it once in a while, don’t we?!

Anonymomblog – ‘when your only significant other is a 14 year old with autism’ –love that.

Fresh Tart – this is my BFF’s amazing cooking blog.  Her recipes are easy and to die for, and you can just hear her cheeky personality come right through.

Gluten Free Girl – this chicka has been a great resource for me in checking out gluten free recipes that you’d actually want to eat.  We aren’t really GF here anymore (it was an experiment) but I still cook some of these just because I know it’s healthy.  And yummy.

Kitchen Pantry Scientist – my fellow rocker girl Liz is one smart cookie. She writes about bringing science into the kitchen with your kids…and a whole lotta other interesting things.

More Like Average Mom – a great Aspie blog.  Her son Jett and my Scout seem so much alike!!

Planet Dan – this blog is for when you need a great laugh.  As a warning, it’s pretty irreverent and as he says, he’s bound to offend some people…but of course that’s what I love about it.!

Unplanned Cooking – are many of my friends in the kitchen, or what?!  Jennifer’s blog always has great insights about life and family.

It was hard to choose 7, I must say.  Maybe someday I’ll get another one of these bad boys and I can pass it around to more deserving bloggers! 🙂