The other night I had sent Scout down to brush his teeth before bedtime and a few minutes later he comes up the stairs, sobbing.  Of course the first thing that pops into my head is that he’s going to tell me that his tummy hurts….not because this happens very often but when you have a true phobia of vomiting and a child is crying, that’s just the first thing that pops into your head as the panic starts to rise. (that’s a whole other topic that I don’t need to get into at this moment!)

Thankfully, Scout was quite healthy so it was nothing of the kind–if he had a tummy ache, it was onlythe kind that a sour conscience brings on.  When I finally got him to speak he blubbered, “I’ve been watching AFV on my iPod at night!”  I guess for the past few nights, this had been his sneaky routine.  It took everything in me to feign Concerned Parent and not to laugh out loud at the sweetness of it all.

We have a rule here in this house–no TV or any sort of electronic device (except the computer for homework purposes) during the week.  Of course there can be exceptions to this rule, like if we’re going to watch a family movie together or the Olympics are on.  But generally, this rule really does help Scout concentrate on what needs to be done–homework, karate, hanging with the fam.  Other than reading, these things are of the highest priority in Scout’s life right now, so it’s not a very popular rule.  (my teen doesn’t love it either, but she’s allowed to text after she gets homework done so that placates the savage beast.)  Believe me, it’s not my favorite rule either….I can’t very well send my children away to do their work or get ready for bed and tell them not to bother me while I watch my beloved Glee. (thank goodness for Hulu, is all I can say!)  It’s just one of those things that we parents grudgingly do because we know it really is best for all.  Darn Good Parenting.

So obviously, watching America’s Funniest Home Videos in his bed at night is a big No-No around here, and Scout was worried.  He apologized over and over, hugging me and crying his eyes out.  Honestly, who could be mad at the little guy for feeling so badly over something he did wrong??  If you want to know the truth, part of me loved it because it’s just such a ‘typical’ thing for a kid to do.  I told Scout he wasn’t going to get into any trouble–feeling as badly as he did was punishment enough, and I was so proud of him for coming to me and confessing.  Every parent’s dream, really!

Dad has turned off the You Tube abilities on the iPod during the week, like he did Scout’s game apps. There can be no temptation now, so Scout is relieved.  Man, I love that kid.  And it also explains why he fell asleep on his desk in class the other day!