It’s a well-known fact (well, at least it is to people in the Aspie/autism world) that Aspies tend to be picky eaters. Scout is no exception to this rule although I will say… I guess I’d call his eating habits particular more than picky. Luckily the boy loves most veggies, he’s just sometimes picky about they way they are cooked.  He does not like any kind of sauce on something, typically.  It took him a few years to get into spaghetti, but now he does love it. Luckily time and maturity has been helpful in this matter–I just always put stuff in front of him that we are all eating and lately he’s been more open to trying things.

One of my ‘tricks’ is to take advantage of Scout’s love of exotic places and foreign lands.  Spaghetti?  meh.  A dish from Italy?  Bring it on!  Sushi is glamorous because it is Japanese, even tacos have that Mexican mystique.  Calling wild rice Native American food might be pushing it, but hey.  If it works, it works!

One of the oddest things about Scout is the fact that he does indeed like things that I would never in a million years guess he would even be in the same room with.  My son will not eat macaroni and cheese or have milk in his cereal, but he loves lima beans.  He’ll ask for lima beans as a snack!  I myself have always loved just about every veggie, but this is one bean I can live without.  Then there is the liverwurst he tried at the grocery store today.  I wanted him to give it a taste–it’s always good to encourage your kids to try new things, of course–fully expecting him to spit it out immediately. Silently I prayed he wouldn’t vomit it all over the floor, but no…he actually liked it.  !  I ended up being a grocery store demo sucker and threw one into my cart.

Don’t get me wrong, as a mother I revel in the fact that my child will eat these things!  It’s definitely a good brag.  But it leaves me shaking my head, that’s for sure. I mean, most kids would not eat lima beans and liverwurst, especially not such a particular child….then again, Scout is not most kids.  Oh yeah.

Ooops, gotta go….Scout literally just asked me for some liverwurst on crackers for a snack.  Who am I to say no?