As a child if my parents had told me I’d have to spend some summer days in a classroom I would have completely balked. School in the summer??  No Way.  Scout, on the other hand, not only tolerates it–he LOVES going.

I for one am not looking forward to ‘real’ school starting, mostly because it brings the stress on for Scout. Summer has been so relaxing without homework and dealing with the whining that often grates upon me in the wee hours of a school day morning.  Summer School though, is a whole different ball game.  Scout pops out of bed with no complaints and is ready to start the day.

Of course Summer School is much different that regular school.  There is no homework, for one.  That’s probably the big one.  But Scout’s day revolves around doing fun projects and really just playing with other boys. (in the three years he’s been doing this program there has yet to be a girl in his class!)  They are taught different ways about dealing appropriately with things that can be hard and learning how to get along socially.  Last week they went on a bowling outing.  I remember last year they went to a malt shop and got to practice ordering and just typical restaurant etiquette.

I am so thankful for this program–it even includes transportation on the bus, to and from.  All free to us. (well, our tax money put to good use.)  Because Scout has an IEP he automatically qualifies for it.  If your child has an IEP and you are not aware of this program, you should definitely look into it. Honestly I don’t know if Scout really takes in a lot of the ‘lessons’ that are taught but hopefully some of it just sneaks on into his brain.  I’m just happy he’s out of the house and doing something socially that he enjoys.  It’s a beautiful thing.

The other morning we were waiting for the bus and Scout was giving me lots of hugs and kisses, which thankfully is the norm around here.  As he pulled up Jerry the bus driver says, “He’s a keeper, isn’t he, Mom?” Indeed he is.