I know, it’s been awhile! Between the business of summer and a week long vacation, I just haven’t been getting around to posting anything new.  Isn’t summer supposed to be the relaxing time of year??

Ahhh, vacation.  Now that was a time to relax.  Vacation means something different to everyone,  but to this family it means going to our favorite family resort in northern Minnesota.  I don’t think we will ever go anywhere else, because at this point the kids can’t imagine missing out on the resort.  Doing the same thing every year….it’s a bit Aspergerish, wouldn’t you say?? 😉  But there it is.

Honestly though, there is no better place for the kids.  It’s the kind of place where we leave our cabin unlocked and there are times I don’t even know where the kids are– and I’m not even worried.  They are just out and about, either on the beach at the lakeside, swimming in the pool, playing tennis, doing putt-putt, playing at the playground, lounging around the cabin with a book or at the lodge eating ice cream and/or playing ping-pong and video games.

And there is the one bane of my resort vacation.  Video games.  I would almost pay another week’s worth of cabin money to get them to take those dang things out of there.  If any of you deal with Asperger’s than I imagine you may be dealing with Video Game Obsession like we do.  Anything electronic, really….the television and computer are right up there with them.  Now don’t get me wrong…I’m probably a bit obsessed with the ol’ boob tube myself.  That’s how my hubby and I unwind each night, cuddled up in bed watching the news or a good movie.  But I would hope that the one place I wouldn’t have to deal with Scout’s constant whining about wanting to play another game would not be my up-north lake getaway.

We try to set a limit.  The kids each brought a certain amount of money to spend how they wished, and when it was gone, it was gone.  They had to learn how to make it last all week.  Of course once in a while Coreman and I would throw Scout a few extra quarters, who can resist?  Especially when I’m already in the arcade playing my beloved Pirates of the Caribbean pinball game, being a little obsessive about it myself….!  But it’s the one place I would love to have Scout literally ‘unplug’ from all of that. And he still does, thankfully.  He sure sleeps great every night there, after a full day of swimming and fun in the sun. I’m sure the couple of wedding proposals he got from two very pretty girls wore him out as well…;-)

Luckily the older he gets the better he’s able to deal with tearing himself away from Hydro Thunder. It is nice to see improvement with that each year, I have to remind myself of that.  But as a parent who spent a lot of money for the kids to get away from that stuff and just enjoy the great outdoors it’s very grating to hear whining about a video game, even just a little.

I guess it’s just polishing up and getting the armor ready, ready to deal with the assault of whining about school and homework that is just around the corner.  I know most parents, as much as they love their kids, can’t wait for school to start again so they can have their time and get things back into a normal routine.  Of course I do feel that way, but honestly with Scout I appreciate summer and it’s relaxed and stress-free days that much more.  I’m sad to see it making it’s way to the end.  How about you?