For some odd reason, my husband seemingly out of the blue decided he just had to go camping. It must be a guy thing.  Both V and I looked at each other and said, “no thanks!” , but of course Scout was all excited at the thought. V and I had a lovely day of shopping, hair-saloning, pizza eating and movies whilst the boys tried to sleep in the noisy campground in the heat and had to run outside in the night to use the bathroom.  I’m sure Scout thought it was all very glamorous.  For this first venture they weren’t roughing it too much….there WAS a bathroom and they did have access to electricity.  They were right by the river so Scout spent a lot of time playing in the sand and water.  He’s all ready to go again, but he himself said he wished it wasn’t so crowded. I think Scout had a vision of Daniel Boone-type wilderness–heck, he had his iPod so it wasn’t going to feel too primitive!!!  I love it that the boys went and had a Man Date together.

And what did they eat while they were gone?  Camp food, of course.  Actually my hubby brought quite healthy fare such as fruit and trail mix.  They had eggs for breakfast. But of course when one is camping you MUST have a hot dog cooked over an open fire.  With a gluten-ridden bun.

Now let me talk about this diet thing.  You know from reading older posts that we did the Elimation Diet.  Did I ever tell you who was the only person that didn’t cheat at all?  It was Coreman, if you can believe it.  My Jack Pine Savage meat and potato-eatin’ husband.  He was making me crazy he was being such a stubborn Norwegian about it all, not even stealing a sip of beer or wine at various parties we attended where Scout wasn’t even around!

But anyway, we went through that entire ordeal and then started introducing the foods back into Scout’s diet. (the rest of the family??  We didn’t re-introduce, we dove right in!)  Eggs were first…fine.  Then corn….A-okay. Peanuts/peanut butter….no problem.  And the final bomb, Gluten.  With a capital G.  And guess what? He wasn’t even bothered by THAT!  No runny poops, nothin’.  We haven’t even noticed that gas that always seemed to accompany a gluten-ous meal.  What is up with that??  Since then we’re still sticking to GF breads and not a lot of sugar….but honestly, I can’t help but feel it was all a wash.

Now of course it wasn’t a wasted experiment…I’m glad we did it.  As a parent you want to try ANYTHING you can to make your child’s life easier.  But it definitely left me with more questions than answers.  sigh. Honestly, it’s summer-time and the kid is livin’ easy.   I’m starting the think that maybe it’s just the stress of school that makes him forgetful and have a hard time focusing.  After a whole day of concentrating and holding  it together, he doesn’t have much left for homework.

So I guess when school starts again we’ll look into ways to make things better.  But for now, we’re going on with summer and enjoying it.  The free time, the pool, the playdates, the sleeping in….and most of all, gluten and sugar! 🙂 (in moderation, of course!)