Whew, it’s been busy around here lately! Lots of fun summer stuff going on.  One of the more exciting things is that we are getting a new car!  Well, new to us, anyway.  Our current one is getting up there in miles and I’m ready for something I’m not going to worry about and be putting money into every few months.  So came the fun of test-driving various makes and models to narrow it down to the final choice. (and to me that actually IS really fun!)

Of course Scout wanted to come with us for the test-drives.  The boy LOVES cars, stopping at a car lot just to walk around is his idea of fun.  He never fails to charm the salespeople with his nice manners and comments. My favorite was when we got in the car and the salesguy said, “Where do you want to go?”  Without missing a beat Scout answers, “Tipperary!”  Oh how I love that boy.  We’re in the final negotiation process, fun fun.  I’m excited to get my new ride!  It isn’t the one Scout wanted, alas.  The most important feature to him was the rectangular little ‘pass-through’ in one of the cars that he could actually open up and see into the trunk. Magic!

Now let’s talk magic–the 4th of July.  Sadly I don’t take a lot of time to think about what the 4th is really about, to me it means going over to my friends Stephanie and John’s house to swim, eat amazing gourmet food that Stephanie effortlessly whips up, and then head out onto a fancy golf course alongside their home for a fireworks show.  I always say it’s the only time that country club would let me in.

Scout, on the other hand, is very patriotic.  He may not know what that really means but just the idea that it is the 4th of July gets him all giddy.  This year he had a flag pin (no idea where he got it) that he immediately put on his red shirt to wear for the day.  We have to find his 99 cent flag so he can proudly and randomly wave it around at various points during the day.  Last year he brought it to the fireworks display and after every colorful burst he would wave the flag.  It was quite a feat, trying to plug his ears and wave the flag at the same time. This year after the first burst he sang through the entire anthem ‘You’re a Grand Old Flag’.  I noticed he did not plug his ears this time, even with the very big booms.  Sigh, he really is growing up, isn’t he?

It seems every 4th Scout comes out with a special ‘Scoutism’ for the day.  My dear friend Stephanie listed them from years past on her web site.

“Oh, this pool is as warm as a Turkish Bath!” – age 9, in response to How’s the water Scout?, July 4, 2010
“I love these hamburgers so much I want to marry them, but the funeral won’t be long after…” – age 7, regarding mini-hamburgers, July 4, 2009
“They start big but end fast, like a good sneeze.” – age 6, explaining fireworks to Cooper, July 4, 2008
“Wow, those would make Vivian feel fancy!” – age 4, regarding super-sparkly fireworks, July 4, 2006

So, another 4th of July come and gone.  Summer is going too, too fast!