Yesterday as we were stuck in traffic on the way home from the doc’s office Scout and I passed the time with conversation. He was remembering how special it made him feel when once we drove alongside a train on the highway and when he gave the ol’ fist pumping sign to the conductor, he did indeed toot the horn at him.  “Even little old me, who isn’t even important!” Scout says.  To which of course his mother tells him he is INDEED important. Here was our conversation:

“Well, yeah, I’m important to you and to my friends.  But it’s not like I’m famous and rolling in the dough or anything…”

“Honey, you do know those things aren’t what make you important, right?’

“Yeah, I know…”

“What do you think is important to be?”

“To find your place in the world…”

Sigh.  I thought he would answer what he knew I wanted to hear–to be kind, to be a good friend to others, to be loving. This broke my heart and made it swell at the same time with the profoundness of it all.  I do hope Scout feels like he has a place in the world, now and always! Isn’t this what us Aspie mommies wish for the most?