First of all, I have to mention that we are over the halfway mark of the Elimination Diet! Woo hoo!  Three of us have cheated, one has not.  Want to guess who?  Well, you already know from the last post that I didn’t last long before succumbing to delicious food and drink.  At my friend John’s 50th birthday party, I certainly partook. How could I resist top notch red wine and delicious tasties from Create Catering??  Granted it was all very healthy foods, but still many ‘no-no’s’ from my list.  It was worth every bite, I will say.  And I did not feel the least bit guilty about it after!

The worst part about cheating once is that it makes it easier to do it again.  Now at home I’m still pretty good–although last night I did crack a beer!  My husband actually gave me the double-bird when he caught me sipping one–ha!  Then at work I’ve been getting my beloved decaf Starbucks lattes every so often.  sigh.

So, there it is.  I will say though, all of this hard work might well be for naught.  We have not seen any changes in Scout, and he also says he does not feel any different.  The rest of us in the family concur–in fact, we are still more tired.  So much for the energy eating well is supposed to give you!  Even if this does nothing for Scout the one great thing that will make it all worth it–okay, aside from losing a few pounds and feeling leaner!–is that my husband has become a born-again healthy foodie.  All of a sudden he’s wanting us to buy organic and saying the extra money it costs to eat grass fed beef is worth every penny.  Hallelujah! Granted we may have to have a second mortgage on the house if we continue to eat the way we have been during this diet…good grief.  It is not for the faint at wallet.

Scout could not be happier that school is over.  3rd grade, over and done.  As is typical, the year flew by.  I love seeing all of the stuff that comes home out of the bowels of his desk. There are definitely many treasures in there, including the research paper Scout just elected to do in his own free time on the island of Montserrat, his daily journal which is chock-full of gems and a little paper titled ‘The Day I Tumbled Out of Blackness’, explaining all about when he was born. In this Scout writes:

On March 12, 2001, Scout made a fall from the world of blackness into the hospital bassinet. A new baby has had a boarding pass on the ship of life.

What will we do all summer?  Scout will be involved with VBS at church, swimming lessons, a supervised park program in which he plays at the park for a few hours two days a week, summer school in July and then our yearly resort trip in August.  It sounds like a lot, and I’m actually loathe to over-schedule my kids…but honestly, I do need to keep the boy busy.  If it were up to him, he would spend the entire summer getting sucked into some electronic device or another.  And that’s not good for any kid, especially an Aspie. I believe I’m right to assume that most Aspie’s have a very hard time having control over themselves when they are immersed in something they love. The whole house could burn down all around him whilst Scout was watching America’s Funniest Home Videos on the computer and he would have no clue.

So bring on the summer, even though today here it feels like fall.  No more making GF lunches at the crack of dawn, no more WAKING at the crack of dawn.  No more stress (for a while, anyway) over math homework. (both his and mine trying to figure the stuff out!)  We are free and easy to do as we please, and it sure is nice to feel the stress level go way down.  Of course this all starts with the ceremonial burning of anything school/homework related that is not necessary to keep.  Is that a happy boy, or what?!  Plus we’re kicking off the summer with a play date today, Scout now has a friend over–that makes boy AND Mom happy.  Hooray!

Btw, I’m going to let you guess who has NOT done any cheating on the Damn Diet….