So, we’re one week into the ‘Damn Diet’ and it’s surely been a challenge for all of us. I’ve had two minor cheats so far.  One day early on I felt like I didn’t even want to get out of bed without my morning ritual of making a pot of coffee, it depressed me so. It is decaf, after all, so I felt like it wasn’t that bad. Honestly I had a few sips and realized that it just wasn’t the same without my dairy-ridden half and half, so I didn’t drink the rest.  Then a few days later I went over to a friend’s house after a long day’s work to be greeted by her holding a glass of something pink and luscious looking.  It was Sangria.  I had a small glass, yes I did.

The rest of my family, however, should have halos over their heads.  Even over Memorial weekend we resisted an ice cold beer on our deck.  My 14 year old daughter spent a day at a friend’s house texting me all day about what they were eating, asking me if this or that was okay. Amazing!  Every day we’ve been eating our almond butter on gluten free bread, rice millet cereal with almond milk, snacking on nuts and fruits.  I think we are definitely going through more toilet paper these days…;-)  Temptations are all around us–even today I went antiquing with a friend and there were bowls of chewy candy everywhere.  aaaak!  But we are doing it.  Damn Diet Bootcamp.  How funny, I would have been voted off the island first.

Although we’ve all seen a couple of pounds disappear (well, don’t know about Scout…he hasn’t gotten on a scale.  Lord knows he doesn’t need to lose a thing!) we haven’t noticed many other benefits.  We have all commented that we feel a bit more sluggish and tired instead of having all of his energy we’re supposed to be gaining.  For whatever weird reason, even though we can eat as much ‘good food’ as we want, we all feel hungry all the time.  Nothing really seems to ‘stick’.

Scout of course has occasions at the end of the school year where they will be having treats in the classroom–all of which he can not have.  I loathe to think of him being so sad, not being able to eat some sinful thing along with the rest of the kids.  I’ve been searching high and low for cookie or bar recipes that have the elimination diet requirements: no gluten, no dairy, no sugar.  That is tough.  They all seem to have one thing or the other.  And with the flour, I’ve learned in my GF alchemy that you can’t just throw in one of the hooda-hooda flours in place of regular flour, it just doesn’t work that way.  So that’s been very frustrating. The things I’ve found all taste like almond.  I have a feeling this whole family is going to be awfully tired of almond flavor after this month….!!

I have not seen any change in Scout thus far.  In fact over the weekend he was a bit grumpy.  Maybe it takes that long for the detox to hit?  It is only the first week, after all.  So onward gluten-free soldiers we go…counting down all the way!  I will say tho, I’m fully planning a Cheat this weekend when I attend a dinner for my BFF’s husband’s 50th birthday party.  There will be amazing wine there and I plan to partake.  Just a little.  As of now my hubby is still planning on wearing that halo.  Should be interesting….

Part of me wants to see a change in Scout, but there is another part of me that doesn’t–I hate to admit it, isn’t that terrible?!  But the idea of living like this the rest of our lives is more than a bit disconcerting!  I don’t know how we’d afford it, either.  It’s truly amazing how expensive it is to buy these substitutes and organic fruits and veggies.  I have more flours with weird names in my cupboard that I know what to do with–all at about $6-$8 dollars a bag.  Baking with those things makes me feel like a medicine woman…a little of this, a little of that, and a dash of guar gum….I’m just waiting to read ‘eye of newt’ on one of those recipes!

Says Scout about the Elimination Diet:

Bad, stupid, cretinous (!), dumb, weird, silly, misery-making.  The worst food disaster in the whole world.

I guess Scout really misses his donuts.