Scout’s big sis had her 14 year old birthday slumber party last night. (and we all survived.)  A parent came to the door this morning to pick up one of the girls.  It was pretty early, and Scout was still in his boxer-briefs. That’s how he likes to sleep…he starts out in jammies but typically ends up taking them off at some point in the night, I guess he just gets too warm.

I chatted with the dad at the front door while the girl was getting her stuff together. All of a sudden Scout appears in all his skivvie-glory and announces, “Don’t mind me in my underwear, this is how I sleep!” and then goes back to what he was doing in the other room.  Ahhh, unabashed youth.  Or shall I say, Asperger youth…??! Talk about a good way to embarrass your big sister! 🙂