If you haven’t seen the play Autistic License yet, you really really should.  I’ll be honest…we rarely attend any performances unless our own kids are in them.  Not because we don’t want to, or don’t enjoy them–it’s just another thing to get on the calendar and we don’t really make it a priority.  It’s actually something I would like to do more often…maybe someday.

I had a chance to catch a free showing of Autistic License downtown over the summer–okay, FREE really is a good incentive to get me off my butt and get some culture!–so I took my husband and friend along, who is also the parent of a boy on the spectrum.  It was really an incredible experience.  It’s basically a woman telling the story of being the mother of a child with autism, and how it effects everything in her life.  The autistic boy is actually played by a grown man, which sounds a bit odd…but honestly, once you get into the play it’s so well done that you don’t even notice!  What’s really amazing is that it’s a real experience that is shared by the writer, Stacey Dinner-Levin, (but played by an actress) with her husband playing the part of their own son. It’s so moving, touching, very funny at parts and of course also very sad.  It’s the true nitty-gritty of a life touched by autism that holds nothing back.  No matter where your child is on the spectrum, you’ll find yourself nodding and darkly chuckling as you recognize a lot of the experiences as your own.  I truly feel privileged to have seen it.  We actually got to see the performance that was being taped for a DVD, and there was a question and answer session afterwards.  If you look closely you’ll see me and my hubby in the audience…:-)

Now here is the great news–in honor of Autism Awareness month, the troupe is performing the play at various places and it’s your turn to get off your butt and see it for FREE!  It will be showing at the Eden Prairie High School on Tuesday, April 14th and in Bloomington on the 15th.  You can get more information on their web site.  Go, go go…and let me know what you thought of it.  Don’t forget the kleenex…!