When you have a child with A Diagnosis, you’d better become friends with forms. It never ends!  Of course when we went through the whole process of getting a diagnosis in the first place we had to fill out all kinds of paperwork and questionnaires…and silly me thought that would be the one time.  Oh no…  He needs an IEP? Forms here and there to make sure things are on track.  Going to do any sort of private Occupational Therapy or programs?  Of course, forms.

I just got an appointment with a new pediatrician that I am very excited about having Scout see, she specializes in kids on the spectrum…but oh my the forms, questions coming out of my ears! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that they are taking the time to ask, because that means they want to know. But good grief, it’s like sitting down to do homework!

Seriously, do I remember how to calculate weeks of gestation?!  I mean, does anyone really remember those details?  The Apgar score?  Scout flew out of my womb so fast (it was a grand total of 27 minutes from time of hospital arrival to time of baby’s arrival!) I was just so happy the dang process was over. It may have only been 27 minutes, but that is an eternity with no painkilling drugs! I paid more attention to my doc’s late arrival than the announcement of the Apgar.

Talk about feeling like the Bad Mom…do I remember the exact date Scout said his first words?  Used two words in a sentence??  Dressed himself?!  First brushed his teeth??!! Good God, no.  These forms have me scrambling for his baby book faster than you can say Dr. Spock and hoping as I blow the dust off of it that I actually kept records of that kind of stuff!  He is my #2, after all…and those of you with kids know that after your first, your subsequents are lucky if they HAVE a baby book!!

But I suppose in a way, those forms are really a good thing.  They make you think about things that you shouldn’t forget.  They remind you of the stuff that is hard, but they also make you look at the things that are really going well.  I know for Scout, on this most recent questionnaire  I didn’t have as many ‘challenges’ to list as I have had on previous ones…and what a victory that is!  And as I mentioned above, I am happy they are requesting this information.  It gives me a good feeling about this new clinic we’ll be spending time in.